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Image Hair Mask

The Main purpose of Hair Masking is to separate background from an images Fur and Hair. Refine Edge, Pen Tablet etc., is used to do this task. To make the image look more natural we can adjust image color, brightness, contrast and exposure. For these types of images Image Masking is more preferable than Clipping Path.

  • For masking hair
  • Replacement of objects
  • Removing hair background
  • Smoothening the edge
  • Removing unwanted Hair
  • To modifying/removing background from image
Pricing Start at $0.75

Layer Masks

There are several masking service in Photoshop on of them is layer masking .Layer masking in Photoshop allows professionals to work with images that have multiple objects to edit. You can work separately on each object and create a layer for them. Later, when you require to change one or two objects, you can only select those layers and work on them separately.

Other than that, you can make image composites and use image cutouts on other documents also.

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Alpha Channel Masks

Alpha Channel Masking is quite different from the layer or clipping mask. If the object needs to be separated from the background or needs to edit the brightness or contrast or exposure, then this service is a solution for all of these problems. Also, the trouble level in the photograph is not the same. Maybe, some images may have to scatter hairs or furs. Therefore, this is the case where Alpha Channel Masking is useful.

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Transparent Layer Masking

For transparent objects like flower trees, glasses, bottles, glass jars, pure water, and lenses, selection with pen tool doesn’t ensure perfection. To isolate the transparent subject from the background of an image and use it in a compatible background, transparent image masking technique is second to none.

This is a non-destructive method and also retains the color originality.