Clipping Path

Clipping path in layman’s terms is an outline of a dedicated or specified product, clothing, model etc. Clipping path service is the most demanding service we regularly offer to our esteemed clients. Normally, we deliver handmade Clipping path as soon as possible.

  • Maintain 100% Accuracy
  • Customized Image Clipping
  • Fastest Delivery
  • Competitive Price

Invisible Mannequin

Ghost Mannequin Services and Neck Joint Services allow to take several images of a product on a model or mannequin and then merge the photographs to delete the model or mannequin in the phase of post-production. The effect of “ghost mannequin,” also known as the “invisible mannequin,” “3D mannequin,” or “hollow man,” is a simple and powerful post-production technique for the photography of clothing products that solves the issue of the display. Image Manipulation helps to enhance and improve the quality of an ordinary image to an unexpected and amazing image. Image Manipulation can be done through analog and digital technique.

  • Cut unwanted objects.
  • For removing bad wrinkle, dust, spot, dump, etc.
  • For cropping, resizing, straightens, etc.
  • To beautify and to make more attractive product photos.
  • Provide realistic look.

Ecommerce Image

E-commerce market is a very fast growing online platform market. This is daily used by each one of us. The Image Editing Service Companies are like the best friend for each online retailers or business owner .Our E-Commerce product photo editing allows you to generate better product images to increase the sales. Get the best image editing features for your products.

  • Following Online Image Requirements.
  • Understand Product Framing.
  • Providing Accurate White Background.
  • Product image resize.

Clipping Mask shines where clipping path fines

Image Masking is an important task of Adobe Photoshop. Basically Image Masking is needed to remove the background of an image. Usually Clipping Path is needed to remove the background of any image. But images which have far kind of thing or flying hairs those images need to do masking to remove the background flawlessly. In one word image masking is an advanced technology for background removing, through which image background can be removed flawlessly within a very short time. We provide excellent Image Cutout Services and other photo editing services to clients all around the globe. We offer.

  • Rock Bottom Price
  • Bulk Order Processing
  • Specific Edge Detection
  • Professional Image Compositing

Photo Retouch

Capturing jewelry photos without any flaws is impossible for a professional photographer .Photo Retouching services will provide the best look at every photograph and must be satisfied with your photo editing needs. Luster clipping team provides you there are number of retouching service like.

  • Jewelry Photo Retouching.
  • Head shots & Face Retouching.
  • Glamour & Beauty Retouching.
  • Body Retouching & Reshaping.
  • Model Portrait Retouching.
  • Product retouching.
  • Portrait Enhancement.

Shadow Creation

Photoshop Shadow effect is a term we are all familiar with and it is applicable for all kinds of images like products, models, clothing, objects etc. Shadow Making is an essential part of image editing to give the image a more finesse look and to bring out the beauty in the image. The service can be classified into three major categories like, Reflection Shadow, Natural Shadow, and Drop Shadow. The best combination of quality editing, fastest turnaround time, safety, security, and client-friendly solution for shadow creation in Photoshop is the ultimate achievement of our working experience. Features that allow us to guarantee our service is given below:

  • Customizable Shadow Making Service.
  • Uninterrupted Assistance.
  • Excellent Quality Service.
  • Fastest Turnaround Time.
  • Safety and Security in Data Transferring.
  • Affordable Pricing.

Our Special Features

Luster clipping is a reputed clipping path service provider company that provides professional image editing & retouching services for all kinds of images.

  • Clipping Path (Simple to complex clipping path).
  • Background Removing.
  • Ghost Mannequin Effects/ Neck Joint Services.
  • Image Retouching.(basic retouch, portrait retouch glamor retouch)
  • Shadow Making.
  • Color Correction.
  • Image Masking (Layer masking, alpha masking, transparent masking).
  • Raster to Vector Conversion.
  • Image Restoration Services.
  • Color Separation (CMYK color separation, RGB color separation).
  • E-commerce Image Editing Services.